How to Plan your Holiday Decor

Last week, we took a vote on when to start decorating for Christmas.


Keelie won.

62% of you prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas

Even if you’re not putting up any decor for a couple more weeks, you can begin your planning now!

We brought in the expert, our very own Elizabeth Ryan with Elizabeth Ryan Interiors (< - check out some of her work) to give us her best tips. Elizabeth runs a full-service design company. We have an exclusive partnership with her and provide her services, free of charge, to our clients listing their home to ensure it looks the best that it can to all potential buyers.

We interviewed her Live on Facebook, if video is more your style than reading (no judgements here)

Without further adieu, below are Elizabeth’s tips!

  1. Choose a Color Palette

You can choose a fresh color palette each year! You can layer on your traditional whites/golds/greens and bring a new accent color out for the year.

Elizabeth’s favorite way to do this is to START with wrapping paper! What an easy way to change it up each year?! I had always considered wrapping paper almost strictly utilitarian, but why not consider it part of the decor?! Wrapping gifts early and as you purchase them means you get to enjoy the beautiful paper for a while.


2. Un-decorate First!

Yes, really! Rather than just adding Christmas Decor to your existing decor, clear things out and make some room first. This will not only help eliminate a cluttered feel, but the items you put away will feel new again in January!


3. Curate your Theme

It’s okay to not use every single item of Christmas Decor that you own. Really! Stick with your color palette and theme and add in a few new pieces for the year. If a piece doesn’t fit, it can wait another year!


4. Choose a Location for your Tree

Your tree doesn’t have to go in the same spot each year! Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to give your tree all it’s glory, and to freshen up the feel of your space. Think outside the box


5. Make an Impact with your Collections

Have a collection of Santas, bells, churches or trees? Place these items together to make the strongest impact. Some of Elizabeth’s favorite locations are the buffet in your dining room or console table in your entryway.


Want to see more helpful info like this in the future? Comment below or send us a message with your ideas and what you’d like to learn about.