Did you know almost one-third of all Texas home sales in 2017 were in the DFW area, and DFW home sales increased by more than 4% in a year? 

It's clear the demand is high and there's a lot of fast-paced activity. As a seller in this type of market, it’s important you pick an agent you can trust, that knows the area well, knows the buyers, and that knows how to market your property appropriately.


You should also look for an agent with a few specific qualities including: experience, education (ask about certifications and degrees), integrity, good communication, networking capabilities, negotiation skills, a solid toolkit of marketing approaches, and a talent for proper pricing strategy. 

Additionally, two of the biggest mistakes home sellers make when choosing a listing agent in the Dallas area are selecting their agent solely based on: a lowered commission, or highest pitched sales price.

Know that real estate pricing is an art, especially in the Dallas area where the market is hot and things move quickly.

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If the home is priced right, and based on thorough market and area research, offers will undoubtedly come forth; if a home is priced too high, you might not get the showings or offers you’re looking for. Additionally, a mis-priced home can leave your house on the market past 30 or 60 days, which can lead to a necessary price decrease. This signals to home buyers that there may be something wrong with the property (even if this isn’t the case), particularly in a fast-paced market like ours.

All of that to say, it’s clearly important for you to carefully consider who sells your Dallas area home! But more good new is: Dallas is still one of the top 20 performing housing markets right now, and almost 40% of Dallas homes sold for more than list price in the last year. If you need an experienced and assertive agent to help you successfully navigate the market and the process, please reach out!

- The Castillo Group